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My name is Earl Greif. I am a Holocaust survivor.
My life has taken me in many directions, I have traveled many countries and I have met many people. My experiences have given me a unique perspective on humanity at large. At this point in my life, it is my choice to turn those unique moments into a greater cause. I wish to educate. Ultimately my vision and sponsorship for education and tolerance will bring understanding to younger generations, a sense of unity for people who went through their own atrocities and forgiveness for those who violate the laws of humanity.

I am pleased to introduce the Tolerance Education Center to the Coachella Valley community and beyond.

Hatred and bigotry still exists today, even here in the United States and it is very important to educate the public, especially the youth of tomorrow. The Tolerance Education Center’s program intends to bring in students from Riverside County, California by the bus loads. We intend to pay for bus transportation to schools in order for them not to experience the burden of expenses brought by transportation.

We feel that students and adults alike will gain a learning experience about the danger of hatred and bigotry. Further, as citizens of the great United States of America it is our duty to remember and to understand why hatred exists. If there is no knowledge, there can be no change.

The Tolerance Education Center, which will break ground in Rancho Mirage, California, will be filled with many volumes of research material related to the Holocaust period including books, magazines, reference materials, computers with printers, and copy machines.  There will be a video room with approximately seventy eight stadium style seats. In addition we intend to have museum quality items on display representing the Holocaust period. This will afford an excellent opportunity for research and perspective on the results of hatred and bigotry.  All of these materials will help to educate the public. Ultimately one hopes for our visitors to leave with these basic understandings; to look for the good in one another, to accept difference, and to further the education of those around them.

This is my vision.
I have begun my vision with the intent to create a better society, which includes higher education and closer access to the reality of the Holocaust. I cannot do it alone. I would very much appreciate any contribution to the Tolerance Education Center. Help me finish this important project. If you believe in the future, in the co-existence of all human beings, in educating your children and grandchildren, please fund this project. As always, for your benefit, your contribution is tax deductible. We will also accept DVD’s, home movies, books, photographs and even written memories of personal accounts. What ever you would like to contribute would very much help the cause for a tolerant society.

I have always been involved in educating the people around me with the powerful effects of hatred and bigotry. Pause and think about these indescribable atrocities which took place in Europe during the Holocaust era;

  • Eleven million innocent men, women and children were murdered.

  • Six million Jews died only because of their religion.

  • One-point-five million children were sent to the gas chambers.

  • Five million others were murdered, those who were Jehovah Witness, Gypsies, physically handicapped, mentally ill, and Homosexuals.

  • I was there. Help me bring my stories and the stories of eleven million others to the public.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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